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LED color measurement - what is the chromaticity diagram


Lightness, hue and saturation as the three characteristics of color vision. The degree of brightness is bright; tone determined by the wavelength of color do not, such as the 700nm light color is red, 579nm light color is yellow, 510nm light color is green, etc.; saturation is the purity, not mixed with white, narrow-band single- color in the visual
Lightness, hue and saturation as the three characteristics of color vision. The degree of brightness is bright; tone determined by the wavelength of color do not, such as the 700nm light color is red, 579nm light color is yellow, 510nm light color is green, etc.; saturation is the purity, not mixed with white, narrow-band single- color, the visual is the high saturation of color. All of the light spectrum are the most Pure light color, add more white, more impure mixture of colors, looks more bright International Commission on Illumination (CIE) 1931 was enacted, a color map, with the composition of the three primary colors of a color in proportion to the provisions of this color, that is, the ratio of the sum by three primary colors to represent a color, and can be written as equation :

(C) = G (R) G (G) B (B)

Where, (C) on behalf of a particular color, (R), (G), (B) is the red, green and blue primary colors, R, G, B is the scale factor of each color, they are equal to 1 , ie R + G + B = 1, "C" refers to the match that same color in the visual, such as a blue-green can be expressed as:

(C) = 0.06 (R) 0.31 (G) 0.63 (B)

If the two primary colors mixed in the three factors, there is a zero; such as matching white, the R, G, B should be equal.

Any colors match the color with the ratio of the three primary colors to be provided, so that each color occupies in the chromaticity diagram to determine the location.
Chromaticity diagram:

Chromaticity coordinates of X-axis is equivalent to the proportion of red color;
Y-axis color coordinates is equivalent to the proportion of green color. There is no Z-axis color map coordinates (ie the proportion of blue color), because the proportion of factor X + Y + Z = 1, Z coordinate values can be calculated that 1 a (X + Y) = Z.

According to the Committee established by the International CIE1931 color is shown in Figure 31. Chromaticity diagram of the arc of the points on the curve is the spectrum of various colors on the spectral locus is the spectral colors of the chromaticity coordinates. Red band in the lower right graph, the green band in the upper left corner, blue-violet band at the bottom left of Fig. Line below the figure part, that the line connecting 400nm and 700nm, is not on the spectrum, from violet to red line. Near map center C is white, the equivalent of noon sun light color, the color coordinates X = 0.3101, Y = 0.3162.

There is a chromaticity diagram based on the color of S, S by a straight line drawn through C to the spectrum locus O point (590nm), S is the dominant wavelength of color 590nm, where the color of the spectrum S of the color (orange). C points out a color to the spectrum locus distance that its color purity, that is, saturation. The closer the more impure colors C, closer to the more pure spectral trajectory. S points in the path from C to 590nm spectrum at 45%, so it's color purity of 45% (color purity% = (CS / CO)? 00. From any point of the spectral locus a straight line drawn through the C arrived opposite spectrum trajectory point, the color of this line at both ends of mutually complementary color (dashed line). from any point of paragraph purple dashed straight line through the C trajectory that arrived at the opposite spectrum, the non-spectral color spectral color to use the complementary color to represent . that is the complement of the non-spectral color wavelength of color followed by a C word, such as the 536G, the complement of purple is a 536nm green color.

CIE1931 chromaticity diagram has great practical value, any color, whether light color or surface color, can be calibrated out of the chromaticity diagram, which describes the color of the simple and accurate. For example, the color in order to ensure proper identification of signs and traffic safety control, in CIE1931 chromaticity diagram provides a specific range, which applies to all kinds of warning signals and color coded flags. Another example is in CIE1931 chromaticity diagram, introduced by the two colors can be mixed with the resulting variety of intermediate color. If Q and S are added to the S line Q drawn between the various colors, such as the T point, the C T reached through the color spectrum of 552nm, 552nm wavelength can be seen that T, tone color, and the T in C and 552nm spectral color to see its position between the percentage purity.

In practical applications, such as color TV, color photography (latex treatment) or other color reproduction systems need to select the appropriate red (R), green (G), blue (B) three primary colors used are white and the complex colors selected (R), (G), (B) the position in a chromaticity diagram form a triangle. Should be made (R), (G), (B) to include a larger area of the triangle as far as possible, while (R), (G), (B) spectral line trajectory should be as close as possible to reproduce relatively saturated red, green, blue color

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